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Fifth Set Private Wealth Management LLC is an independent investment advisory firm serving successful mid-career professionals and their families. Fifth Set is the expression of our belief that clients are best served through a combination of an evidence-based investment approach and a fiduciary standard of client care.

We invite you to learn about the Fifth Set approach and reach out to discuss how we can help you.


You worked hard, saved, and lived within your means. Now your accumulated wealth has you concerned about the next step. We understand your concerns. We designed Fifth Set Private Wealth Management with you in mind.


Clients come to us with hectic lives filled with career obligations, family activities, and a desire to ensure their finances are being strategically managed. We offer a deliberative client experience that allows for thoughtful discussion and delivers the answers and guidance you seek.

Investment Approach

Humans are not hard-wired to be successful investors. Studies have identified numerous systematic human biases that lead to poor investment outcomes for investors. The key to counter our human biases is to apply a methodical, evidence-based investment approach we call the Fifth Set Discipline™.

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